Ascots and Eve and the things we know we need….

There are things I do not understand. Why do people make the choice to wear an ascot? Why was Eve tempted by an apple when chocolate would later exist? Why do snails have cool shells but slugs go without? So many questions, so few answers.

On the flip side there are questions that I know the exact answers to which I sometimes wish I did not…particularly at 6 am. Questions like…do I really NEED to go excercise this morning? Yes. Why? Because you can. Because you are a healthier you when you do. Because you might feel better after you are done. I use the word might because that isn’t always my result…as it is more likely to be for others.

The most important of those answers to that particular question, in my opinion, is the fact that right now I can. Having MS that isn’t always the case. I have every reason to believe that it will not always be the case. It is wrong to not use the days I have now to be the best me that I can be in the future if the worst case scenario becomes a reality for my life. 

It’s important to take advantage of the medications that make that a possibility, medications that did not exist not so long ago. I believe it to be a disservice to those who I see at my nuerologist office each time I go who the opprotunity to slow down their disease from the beginning did not exist. I won’t waste that gift…usually. I’m human and sometimes the voice that says roll over wins and that’s okay on some days…I just can’t live in that place everyday and I won’t.

So…as the sun rises again, and although my cat beckons me to stay, I’ll go move my body and be thankful for another day….and probably contemplate ascots, apples, snails, and why I find the song by Young MC…🎶girl dressed in YELLOW she said HELLO🎶…to be motivational while I do that! 😜

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