I think it would be fair to say that I find inspiration in the strangest of places. I was reminded of that yesterday on my way to excercise, but try not to die, that I manage to do more days of the week than not. It was practically a miracle smack dab in the middle of the typical, and it was back!

What?…you may ask. Well….it’s “THE CORN STALK OF INSPIRATION”. How can a corn stalk BE inspirational?…might be your next question. Allow me to answer that right now:

1. It grows in the median at a stop light of a major intersection.

2. I am not a successful plant growing person. I have nurtured corn in my back yard that has never produced a single ear of that delicious golden goodness.

3. “THE CORN STALK OF INSPIRATION” is nurtured by no one, dust and dirt are undoubtedly thrown by passing vehicles onto it’s toughened outer grass green exterior yet it DOES produce an ear of corn. THAT is perseverance if I’ve ever saw it. I just LOVE perseverance.

Sadly, after the original “CORN STALK OF INSPIRATION” produced it’s magical ear of corny goodness, I was unfortunate enough to be driving past as the road department ripped that stalk of magic up by the roots. Obviously as some attempt to beautify the intersection. 

They knew not what they had done. What is more beautiful than a stalk of corn determined to keep growing even where it might not be thought to belong? Nothing. So with that said, if this particular one produces an ear too, then I am determined to pick it before that grounds crew comes through. I will salute it’s perseverance with a buttery, slightly salty send off that all corn must dream of if corn could dream…because sources of inspiration should always be honored…even if it’s just a corn stalk by a stop light in the middle of the road!

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