A brand new day….

I have no doubt those with more night owl-ish tendencies wouldn’t understand my love for the early morning, but there’s something about those first few hours I find more peaceful than all others. Often still dark outside, I sit in my usual spot in front of the window with my cat in my lap…exhausted from a long night she endured sleeping next to my head…OBVIOUSLY ;)…and my bowl of berries in hand. More often than not I watch the sun peak through the trees signaling the start of a day full of new possibilities. 

While life isn’t about rainbows and sunshine all the time, sometimes it actually is. The hope this might be one of those is a nice way to begin each day. Even when the exhaustion of MS or other struggles have plagued a less than stellar day before, it’s nice to wake up knowing another chance offers another opprotunity for a better one today, and that is always enough. The hope of a brand new day, as LM Montgomery said, with no mistakes in it!

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