Do head horns make you a unicorn?…positivity!

I like to think there are good things regardless of whatever the situation might be. To find the balance in what otherwise might be less than ideal circumstances is important. I believe it’s an important quality when fighting Multiple Sclerosis when so often there is pain, exhaustion, and difficulties in general…particularly while having a child who fights her own battles. It aides in creating the more positive thoughts for gratitude about the little things in every moment rather than the much easier to come by “why me?” thoughts on the worst of days. Not something I’m always successful at doing, but what I strive to do.

It is possible that I sometimes take that too far. For example, I was recently feeling grateful about the fact that my left foot is working well now following a relapse leaving me limping a few weeks ago. I was disappointed to wake up yesterday morning to see a mysterious swollen area on that foot. My initial reaction was to think, seriously, what NOW!?…but that is not a positive thought.

Soooo…I began to look for the positive. Okay…well…it doesn’t hurt! That’s good, right?…(wait a minute…it doesn’t hurt?…why not?…what does THAT mean?!?!?). I examine the problem again. Hmmm….I wonder what that man who sprouted a horn on his head in the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not books thought when he began sprouting that horn? What if I’m sprouting a sixth toe? That’s ridiculous. People do not sprout toes…but what if I DID?!? I guess that would be sort of cool to have a sixth toe…I don’t know anybody else with six toes!

It was at that point I realized it’s possible that positivity can be taken a bit too far because I’m pretty sure it’s actually just a bug bite…SIGH. So much for contacting Ripley’s Believe It Or Not concerning my spot  in next year’s “Book Of Wonders”! (I hope that was read super dramatically  because that’s how I thought it!) Oh well…off for another day of this adventure I call life…with or without one additional toe apparently! 😜

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