After visiting the dentist, happy was the news of Drew’s apparent exceptional tooth brushing abilities! After all, considering the fact that wrestling alligators would be preferable to the struggle of convincing him to wear the retainer that keeps that $5,000 smile in place, it was wonderful to hear that he is taking his oral health seriously for once. The happiness was immediately dulled the moment after my response of GREAT!…and he replied…I know right!!! Especially since I do not even brush them 25% of the time!!

*sighs….rubs suddenly aching head*

Thankfully, all was not lost because Abbey too was cavity free! This is fantastic news considering her new braces and the difficulty of supervising her tooth brushing needs…but it’s been worth it. Yes, the water blasting, the fuzzy brush picking, the enhanced attention to brushing IS annoying BUT it has resulted in a cavity free healthy smile, right?




True…no cavities were found…but we most definitely had a bad brushing report. Her teeth will rot out of her head if she doesn’t brush better evidently.


So…while my son who loves all food made of sugar, only brushes on days he leaves the house, and must be threatened with imminent death if he doesn’t wear his retainer is the perfect brusher. My daughter who’s mouth is regularly blasted with an explosive stream of concentrated water, who practically has to stand on her head so we can get to the back of those metal covered chompers, and enjoys very little sugar is not.


So typical.

While it’s true that Abbey may indeed have everything harder in life than her older sibling, nobody can say she isn’t one tough cookie! This is evidenced by her declaration of SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP! in the midst of a rare need that Drew may have to swallow a pill and be relunctant about doing so…all as she downs 10+ a day every single day of her life. She does so with little jealousy about all she experiences that he does not, an admirable quality if there ever was I think! 😉

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