Painfully patriotic….

July 4th…the day we celebrate the independence of our nation by eating 150 million hot dogs, if the estimate I read is correct, followed by watching stuff explode. The one day of the year when parents are comfortable with placing a 3000°F stick of fire into the hands of their five year old children. Yep. That would be the all American way to celebrate if you throw in a little of Lee Greenwood’s “Proud to be an American”. It is absolutely impossible to not feel the pride and patriotism for our country on this day of the red, white, and blue!

As un-American as it may be, I had always refused to follow the tradition of allowing my children to carry around flaming sticks of fire. As I so often mention we are an accident prone family, and that seems like an open invitation for disaster to me. My husband, however, had always felt that Drew and Abbey were missing out. After many years of shameless begging he gave in and bought some sparklers. He can’t say I didn’t warn him. 

Under the brilliant stars while awaiting the show of spectacular color in the sky, I nervously watched as those sticks were set ablaze. They were beautiful. I had just begun to think that perhaps my stance had been a little too harsh on this matter. At that exact moment that the hubs leaned over, poked me in the side and whispered the words…do not scream or anything, but I think I burnt my thumb off! Sure enough, he held it up and all I could see was ash…and then I screamed. 

Fortunately, his thumb WAS still there beneath it’s charred exterior, but we all learned an important lesson that day. The Lowe’s need not play with fiery sticks to celebrate the birth of this great nation!

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