Yellow jell….sounds like a word with a “H” and a “E” and a double “L”!

Abbey and I are off to our Girl Scout getaway this morning…an action packed couple of days at an indoor water park! I fully expect to be able to produce a blog or two concerning our latest adventure! All the result of the hard work of massive cookie sales this year.

After watching Despicable Me 3 yesterday followed by a winner, winner chicken dinner at Zaxby’s, my son once again attempted to convince us that primitive camping is far better than our planned weekend getaway. Sadly, he does this by pointing out not the advantages of the beholding of a sunrise on a cool summer’s morning or the sunlight glistening off a beautiful lake. Nope. He points out a diaper they found full of “some sort of yellow jell” and a man who may or may not have been deceased “camping” in his truck that he never actually saw exit said vehicle. (do not be alarmed…he probably got out while they were observing a dead fish…sigh)

I assured  Drew that I would attempt to hide my disappointment at not having those….uhhh….interesting?….experiences while plummeting down vast water slides. I suppose I’ll just have to live them in a second hand sort of way the next time he returns from his own kind of adventures! Until then…slides and waves and a lazy river day here we come!

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