Could it be????

After an a couple of hours at the pool yesterday…which required a nap upon returning home…I was shocked (and a little suspicious) to be awoken by my husband with some unexpected information. Could it be real? Am I still dreaming? Is it ACTUALLY going to happen SO soon? I wasn’t sure…WHAT? You might ask…I’m referring to my long-time dream of moose observation!

As earlier mentioned, spotting a moose is on my list of weird stuff to do before I die. Having spotted one at an animal adventure park in a Facebook photo, just a mere three hours away from my home, has made that a possibility. The only issue being, there’s a decent chance that the hubby will be eaten by a gigantic bird, or something like that, because we are the Lowe’s and therefore we are disaster prone. Knowing this, the hubby has been understandably reluctant…so why the change of heart?

The Little White House apparently. 

Located in the same small town as my potential moose dwelling adventure park is The Little White House, which Andrew excitedly pointed out is the location where President Franklin D. Roosevelt used the natural hot springs for relief from his polio…and also where he later died of a stroke. I’ll take this time to point out that I suspect the hubs has a list of places where former US Presidents have kicked the bucket on HIS personal list of “stuff to see before HE dies”. He has a picture of Abe Lincoln’s death bed that I remember he was super excited to take a couple of years ago.

So…if the world of soft drinks can make it without him next weekend we may both be checking something off those lists. However, if I were being 100% honest then I’d have to point out that I’m not completely sure it was an actual moose in that picture…it could’ve been a mirage…or an antelope…or a deer…I can’t find the picture again…but I shall see!

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