Rent-a-teen…the wave of the future???

There are many conspiracy theories that abound between the four of us within the walls of our home. They can never be proven, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be hotly debated as was the case last night at my daughter’s birthday dinner. Dipping chips into our favorite salsa at the Mexican Restaurant that we practically call home, Abbey and I observed round #4,653 of these ongoing discussions. 

Now Andrew, my husband, can not confirm that he was the first to coin the term “Black Friday” or that he dipped his fries in his Frosty before others thought to do so, but that does not prevent him from humorously laying out his case anyway. My forever fact driven son Drew is sceptical. This never fails to be entertaining and only more so since at 16 he is wise beyond all imagination…in his own mind anyway.

Moving on from that topic, Drew proceeded to informed us of reasons why the Boy Scouts are far superior to Girl Scouts. This, in his mind, would be because they participate in “real” camping rather than frivolous trips to indoor water parks as is the plan for Abbey and I, along with her troop this weekend. I conceded to the fact that we typically do not do many camping trips. Considering those trips have so often included stories of dead fish, abandoned beer bottles, and unusual people hiking with doll heads on sticks for him, I do not consider that to be a bad thing. A fun water park with a nice room seems preferable…but then that’s just me. 

It was after that exact moment that Andrew uttered his most recent greatest idea, and I too believe it to be brilliant! Let’s start a “Rent-a-teen” business for all those couples contemplating having children, so they’ll know what they’re REALLY getting into. Drew was not amused by that joke as he drove home, while simultaneously educating us all as to why his ten minute longer route is far superior to the faster way we would normally take…sigh…youths. 😉

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