The lazy way….

I have officially reached an entirely new level of lazy. I seriously considered taking my son to obtain his driver’s license for the sole purpose of not having to drive him to his Boy Scout meeting last night. Sometimes I consider the fact that there are so many things I’ll miss when he no longer needs me to do them. Driving him to Boy Scouts will probably not be one of those things.

I find myself repeating the same things I often heard people say to me when my babies were first born…they grow up SO fast. I imagine they think the same thing I did which would be something like…I’m sure they do BUT that’s SO far away. It isn’t. One day they’re born and then you blink and it’s their 14th birthday…or they’re going to be a junior in high school. The days are long but the time is short. With that thought, maybe driving them around isn’t really too bad after all!

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