Celebrations in cold situations….

Summer is by far my most favorite time of the year. There are plenty of opportunities to be outside WITHOUT the adornment of fifty-two layers of clothing because the temperature has dipped below sixty degrees…some people with Multiple Sclerosis are heat sensitive, but I myself am much more negatively affected by colder weather. In fact, I believe that I spend about 73% of my time in some state of half frozen.

That made this past weekend a bit disappointing. As is the case every year in June we celebrate my daughter’s birthday with a camping party at the River Resort where my dad keeps his camper. She had a marvelous time, as is always the case when pairing a golf cart, endless stretches of road, and a few pools with a group of mostly teenaged cousins. I, however, froze most of that time. A fact that is not contingent with living in the southern area of this country we call home. June is hot. It is humid. It does not require layers and I LOVE that…but THIS weekend did…because it was cloudy and it was rainy. 

Having visited the western area of our country on vacation last year, I found that the temperatures rise much higher than they do so here. 100° is not uncommon in the summer. However, 100° with no humidity feels a billion times cooler than in the south where 85° and a high humidity can make a person feel a bit like the steamed rice under somebody’s Kung Poa Chicken.

When all is said and done what really matters most is that my sweet girl was able to celebrate her 14th year having had a most fantastic time. While I might have been a little cold on the outside, my heart was warmed by that…and my hands and feet? Well…they were warmed by my sleeping husband…in the middle of the night…to my delight and his horror…which is one issue that he, too, looks forward to NOT having in these supposedly hot summer months of summertime!

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