It’s just NOT appropriate….

“Yard Sale” sites on Facebook often raise so many questions for me that I would love to ask, but fear might not be appropriate. I mean I feel like I’d really deserve to know why you were needing to be rid of your used underwear for $60 TODAY if I were ever actually so tempted to buy the used underwear of another…which I DO NOT anticipate will ever actually happen. I mean could I just donate the $60 to you if I felt that there was a valid reason that you needed it? Do I really have to take your used underwear to do that? Do I?

I am also curious as to why one would purchase a “fun swinging device for intimate bedroom moments”  if one already owns such a device. It is not as though while perusing Target on a random Thursday afternoon you would just happen to stumble upon such a thing on the clearance aisle and make an impulse purchase because it was such a great deal. I would think that might require finding a dealer of such devices. How does a person accidentally aquire such a thing? I really would like to know.

I would also love to know, since you have stated that you already own one such device, have you ever become tangled up in it? Because I turned my phone multiple different directions to observe those pictures and that seemed to be a totally plausible ending to that entire situation. I’m thinking the entrance of paramedics and staff from the local fire department who would be needed to free me from entrapment of not only the device, but also from underneath the chunks of ceiling that would most surely be collapsed upon me would make the supposed intimate moment so much less so.

Since I have no desire to purchase any of those items, for obvious reasons, I do not ask these questions. It would just be inappropriate to get a seller’s hopes up and all. That does not mean that I don’t wonder…because I do. I really, really do! 

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