There’s a MOOSE in them there hills!

I think it’s fair to say that most people have a list of stuff they’d like to accomplish before they die. I am no exception. In fact I have many such lists. I have a great desire to sail down the canals of Venice while a stripe shirt wearing man sings 🎶When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie THAT’S AMORE🎶 followed by actual pizza eating. I’d like to hike the Appalachian Trail…not realistic considering it took a week to recover from ten miles a few months ago. Hiking and MS are not friends. I’d like to sail aboard a Master Chef cruise ship, as I am a huge Gordon Ramsey fan, but it isn’t those I so often find my quirky mind drifting to. 

It’s driving a steamroller! Blowing a bubble the size of my head with bubble gum! It’s seeing a moose live and in person! We do not have moose down south. They seem like nice animals and I would like to find that out for myself. I have heard that the opposite is true, but I have a difficult time believing it.

Now my husband is well aware of the fact that he married a weirdo. He is not unaccustomed to my bursts of odd inspiration. So it was no surprise that while scrolling through Facebook I screamed “THERE’S A MOOSE! THERE IS A MOOSE IN GEORGIA AND WE CAN GO SEE IT!” 

After investigating the whereabouts of said moose he said it’s three hours away. 🤔 I know, isn’t it exciting! 😀 It doesn’t have great reviews. 😐 Maybe so, but they have a moose! 😀 There is a good chance that we won’t even see any animals. 😒  But there is a CHANCE we will see a MOOSE! 😀 Somebody’s mirror was ripped off and they got a bunch of scratches on their car. 😯 No loss, no gain was my response! 😎

Since I already missed out on my steam rolling opprotunity in Las Vegas last year, an opprotunity marketed to men (which I was highly insulted by), I must not miss out on the moose too! While reluctant at the moment, I know he’s going to cave soon and off we’ll be on our moose seeking adventure! An adventure that also includes ostrich feeding, which wasn’t even on my list, but sounds intriguing! Which my husband misunderstood me to say ostrich riding which he did put his foot down with an absolute no. Undoubtedly there will be a future post regarding this upcoming adventure!

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