Shams and scams…we want YOUR money ma’am!

I hate to admit it but I tend to think I’m a bit of a cynical person. I blame a history of shoe selling for that. It takes a pretty good liar to make a successful commission based salesperson. I was not a particularly good one for that exact reason. Fortunately, it was more my job to manage those who were than it ever was to sale them myself. I often stood in awe of the tall tales spun by the best of them.

For example, the one whose spouse or child “owned” every pair of shoes in the entire store and it was “the best pair of shoes they had ever had”. They did not have any children. I heard aspects concerning the build of specific shoes requiring in depth research into it’s construction which I was doubtful had ever been done. I once asked if they felt any guilt for their less than honest sales pitches. No, they already want to buy the shoe they just need someone to tell them why it’s a good idea, was their answer. Maybe or maybe not, regardless it makes me more aware when shopping. As does the fact that my husband’s entire career centers on product placement, and the fight to procure the best for that which he peddles. I assume most people are unaware of the process that goes into what they see upon entering a store, it’s not a random thing. It’s strategically planned to increase the odds that their’s will be the one that is in your cart upon check out.

So with that information, I skeptically do my shopping curious when I encounter words that are unfamiliar, but are presented as something that is common knowledge. How many people REALLY know what arabica beans are? Why should I be thrilled about that? So as I reach for my receipt upon exit, I am usually amazed at the bags full of stuff I had no intention of buying when entering with my list of just five items forty-five minutes earlier…sigh…I’ve been scammed again!

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