Mexican drug lord….

Once a year I clean my children’s rooms. They are teenagers and I have no intention of becoming anyone’s personal maid. The other 364 days? Not my responsibility! As long as no wildlife has moved in and no insects have infested and no undesirable smells waft out of that space…we’re all good!

I find this to be an eye opening experience, I never know what’s going to be in there. I once read a quote that said something about cleaning your kid’s room is practically like sneaking broken crayons out like a Mexican drug lord. PURE TRUTH because after emptying his closet and tossing what looked to me to be trash, Drew walked in and took a look in my garbage bag. Then he whoa whoa whoa’s me and insists on keeping a toy plastic ninja star. Why does a 16 year old need a plastic ninja star? I do not know. He doesn’t know BUT he needs it. He ABSOLUTELY needs it!

My entire purpose for cleaning their rooms myself is to sort through and donate clothes that are too small. That’s where I found half a tooth. Half a TOOTH! So many questions. How? When? Where? WHO????
Apparently, it was a lost tooth that broke in half after he put it in his pocket in the fifth grade…which he had put away and forgotten. He wasted no time asking for tooth fairy back pay for his oversight. Yeah, that’s going to be a no from me! That ship has sailed…but you’ve still got that ninja star! 😉

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