Chicken fight…he needs a light…maybe so do I?

It seems to me that Walmart brings out the worst in people, why? Is that even something possible for a retail facility to do?  Maybe it’s more like the bat signal to Bat Man, except attracting those on the lowest end of the morality spectrum rather than being a beacon of justice?

I enter with trepidation about what my experience might entail because you just never know. Will I be stalked through the store by somebody named Arlene because I “stole” the rotisserie chicken she had been eyeing? Will I be frisked at the door, upon exiting, by an elderly gentleman who gazes at my case of $3.48 Great Value drinking water with suspicion? Probably.

While selling cookies at the entrance, will a pack of sweet little girls be asked if they “have a light” because somebody “really needs a smoke”? While I’ve never smoked a thing in my entire life, I can identify with the feeling of needing to light something up before entering that place. However, I’m thinking seeking that from a cookie peddling pack of seven year olds might not be the best idea.

One may ask, why shop there at all? The only answer I can give is because it’s the only place I can purchase windshield wipers, glitter glue, a gallon of paint, some crickets…and a rottiesrie chicken…if not wrestled away by somebody named Arlene. I might sit later with my cat and wonder if that one stop shop was really worth it. I’ll decide it’s not, but I know I’ll do it all over again when my list is a bit too long and my time is a little too short…but then don’t we all?….sigh. 😉

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