A body in the back yard…

Arguably, the most infamous conspiracy in our home is if it’s Abbey’s fish or Drew’s who occupy a grave in the backyard. An argument rears it’s ugly head every few months over this matter. It usually ends with my husband declaring that he just can NOT go over this issue AGAIN! Eventually the body might need to be exhumed from within it’s Tupperware coffin. All that in order to prove which fish was given an honorable send off at sea (down the toilet) and which was not. Unfortunately, I do not remember the location of the graveside memorial to know exactly where to dig…and both new neighbors have not yet caught on to the degree of weirdness of the woman they live beside. I do not think dragging my shovel out to dig up bodies will extend that streak long…so for now I will refrain.

We have attempted many pets over the years. Abbey’s Venus Fly Trap, which lived for several years, accompanied us on our first Disney World trip. I’ve wondered, more than once, if we were the first family for whom the maids had ever sculpted their famous bath towel Mickey heads, who brought that sort of pet along? Sadly Venus-ie passes away following a long period of mom induced drought. 😔

We have attempted hermit crabs. In fact, Drew’s Spidey-crab lives on to this day, a couple of years after having acquired him. It is difficult to form strong bonds with a hermit however, so he just sort of sits there. He sits there much like Abbey’s cactus, Cactus-ie (she’s not the most creative name inventor) who has not appeared to grow at all after bringing her home from the desert last year.

It was not until we adopted our eight year old cat, Minnie, that we found a true member of our family. She has a special bond with each of us, and I don’t know how I ever slept without that fur ball next to my head! So as I sit here, enjoying our morning purr-fest, before she’s off to nap again, I think about how incredibly grateful I am that we have her!

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