The British are coming…and they might be naked!

I’ve become convinced that if you can not visit far away places the next best thing is to read about the everyday lives of those who live there. For example, I’ve always thought British people might be kind of a stuffy sort. My only real reference being grade school social studies, where it appeared they did little more than walk around in George Washington wigs and get upset about tea thrown into harbors. A couple of recent issues have changed my thoughts about that.

The first was after plugging in my brand new Amazon Fire Stick and discovering a whole new world of viewing delight on my TV. Wife Swap in the United States is a reality show where two wives literally swap places for two weeks to gain a better understanding of how someone opposite lives. British Wife Swap is a reality show where two wives swap places for a night and it is not appropriate. It is not appropriate at all and I did not find that to be exactly delightful. In fact, it has lead to some vaguely uncomfortable “Because you liked that you might like this…” suggestions that I have had to explain to my children on multiple occasions!

The second was upon reading about the Blogging Bash held recently in London that from what I understand just so happened to coincide with the Naked Bike Ride event. Apparently the Naked Bike Ride is an environmental protest against the car based culture of our world…..and also to promote body positivity… the same time…..while on bicycles…..riding around the royal palace.

A few important lessons have been gleaned. British people seem to excel at being positive about their bodies! Both cases involved much older individuals whose bodies are heading in a southern sort of direction! Apparently, law enforcement have no qualms about the naked on bikes circling the Queen’s palace, as it appeared to be just another day in the neighborhood. Finally, I suspect that while undoubtedly our forefathers left that country for religious freedom, they might also have left to become more appropriately clothed. That means that it would be we, the Americans, who might actually be stuffy! 😉

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