Hard questions with difficult answers…

It’s hard to watch your child experience difficulties, but it’s even harder when the difficulties are the result of having been given a bad hand. It’s long car rides to far away offices with the hope that this new specialist might be able to treat her latest issue. It’s admiration that despite all those issues a kinder than average girl is the result rather than someone bitter about the unfairness of her situation.

My husband made the twice yearly trip with Abbey this week to visit her nuerologist. In the never ending effort to discover why she so often suffers from basilar  migraines, a rare form that differs from the more typical variety in that they begin in the brain stem. At their worst she is dizzy to the point of being unable to stand, her vision is distorted because her eyes appear to move in opposite directions. It is disturbing for her to experience and in the earlier days terrifying to watch.

At this most recent visit more blood work was taken in the attempt to weed out any issues that might be contributing to the frequent nature of her migranes. It was found that she has a significantly lower level of a chemical associated with anemia. The result being to begin iron supplements immediately while we wait on to yet another appointment with another specialist to help figure out the latest piece of this puzzle in the attempt to answer the question why?

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