Summer days…

I once again spread my pineapple beach blanket, adjust my sunglasses, and pull out my book to partake in one of my all time favorite lazy day activities….undercover people watching. Maybe I missed out on a career in anthropology or something, but I find human beings to be a fascinating focus of observation with our perfect imperfections and all.

It tickles me to watch the overly worried mother warning teenage boys to refrain from making a splash, all while standing in the middle of a pool. I’m amused by the two six year old girls who inform me that friendship means being able to do whatever they do to you back. There is no going undercover when it comes to six year olds, by the way. 😂 Grandchildren being cheered on by their doting grandparents, while undoubtedly some mom somewhere is catching up on a to do list while they’re away, make me smile.

It touches my heart in an unexplainable way as I roll up my blanket at the end of this summer day by the pool. I wonder about the stories of their lives, because of course we all have a story. Then I go home to live out the one made for me, having been blessed by another day to have written another page in my own.

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