Make a wish…

Relaxing on my lovely yellow pineapple beach blanket looking up, I spotted the first star of the night! A wish worthy moment, if there ever was! Waiting for Wonder Woman to begin at the Drive-in, I thought it might be the perfect opportunity to delve into the hearts and minds of my children by finding what their wish upon a star might be. I was wrong.

Abbey wished she didn’t have to go to the doctor tomorrow. No real shock there, I guess. Drew proceeded to lecture her about making such a risky wish, because magic comes with a price. It’s possible Drew has watched a bit too much Once Upon a Time as I am pretty sure that’s a quote directly from Mr. Gold….with only the “Dearie” missing at the end…if you are familiar with the show.

Drew declared his was just for the movie to get started because after all there couldn’t possibly be any negative consequences to that! Not much insight gained by the conversation…except that my son is paranoid of anything others might construe as being magical.

I imagined him in the middle of a romantic moment with the future love of his life, perhaps on a walk on some distant beach at sundown. She says “Oh look! It’s the first star!”. While gazing dreamily into his eyes, “I wish this night could last forever.” He replies, “Well…that’s just REALLY irresponsible. We have no food, no change of clothes, and no shelter. Wish that a crab won’t pinch our toe, I can’t see any negative consequences with that.”….sigh. 😜

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