Rotund is not much fun….

I love the Orthodontist that Abbey and Drew have, I really do. They are incredibly friendly teeth straightening people and are so good to my anxiety ridden girl! It’s for that reason I hate to say that their office is by far the most uncomfortable that I have ever been, and having MS as well as a daughter with serious medical issues, I can say I’ve been to many.

I spend the time not there with a lingering sense of dread concerning the straight backed hard chairs that I know are just slightly too tall for my feet to reach the floor. I hope for a seat on the couch that has a deceptively soft appearance while I wait for Abbey to complete her monthly hour of wire tightening fun.

I say deceptively soft because before planting one’s hindquarters into the rotund cushion they might never guess that they’ll land on something a little closer to a firm trampoline. While it does sink downward with that motion it does not hesitate to spring back upward forcing my hips to protrude toward the heavens above with it. This does nothing for the state of my posture. Along with the low slung design which forces my knees in that direction as well, I feel that the only thing I’m missing is a stalk of wheat to chew on or maybe some tobacco to spit.

Fortunately, that task was checked off the list for this month yesterday. While I can’t honestly say that I enjoy my slightly over exaggerated time in those seating arrangements, I am sincerely thankful for the fact that they work so well with kids who have different needs. Something not always easy to come by and I’ll forever be grateful for!

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