If you fit then you’ve got to sit… :)

I recently read a couple of stories about homes being broken into online. The first, when the burglar broke in he saw that the apartment owner had basically nothing so he left and came back with a bed and a TV. The second couldn’t find anything they wanted so they just left, which both angered and insulted the homeowner. I can totally identify with these people.
I locked my keys inside my house awhile back and let me tell you it wasn’t easy breaking into my own home! It required heaving Abbey, my daughter, head first into a high window that I remembered was unlocked. There was a loud banging and crashing and I worried that I’d accidentally knocked her unconscious until she asked if she could do it all again!
After that experience I decided that I would probably feel sort of bad if somebody came to steal anything from our home. We have absolutely nothing of value. I do not even want to own anything of value. I think I am the only person I know who’s dream home would be one of those tiny houses on wheels that would probably resemble a girl decorating her dorm room who hit it big at some hippie’s garage sale. I would drive a smart car if I could somehow stuff my family into one. They do not appreciate the car I stuff them into now, but much like a cat, if they fit then they are gonna sit! 😉

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