Happy times and sunshine…

Some vacations are meant for adventure and some are meant to relax and some are not really vacations at all, but more like experiences that a vacation afterwards is needed in order to recover from. There is no place I love to be more than the beach for the simple reason that everybody is always happy.

Now admittedly, I have an equal love for Disney World, but for entirely different reasons. Although it’s the most magical place on earth, the people visiting are so often not. It’s not a reassurance concerning the state of humanity, as I’m pretty sure some might be willing to inflict bodily harm to a cutter of the Dole Whip line.

At the beach, however, there are smiles and laughs and sand castles and sunshine and everyone forgetting their troubles and differences and just remembering how to be good to one another. I love that, and for me, the reminder was much needed that people in general are still capable of being exactly that way!

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